Windows Phone App Studio Makes App Creation as Easy as Drag and Drop

We will first see the steps on creating the native application. These templates are empty ones which will basically assign in creating a project and based on the customization in the 4 steps the project required content, resources and files are added automatically. Ok now lets select a template, my favourite template is always My City which I used to create an app for my City . Selecting the template will navigate to a screen which will be a about screen which has the Windows Phone and Windows 8 view of the application template as shown below. App Studio is a web-based app creation tool that will allow developers to quickly write and publish an app to the Store “in just four easy steps”. Developers will merely have to supply the information and by using prefabricated templates, developers can quickly make a Modern UI app with data collection hosted for them in the clouds.

If you dream of creating the next great mobile app, this deal combined with Windows Phone App Studio is a great place to start. Once you settle on the content, you can customize the look of your app. You “Configure” the app style, the format of Live Tiles, and the background image for the Splash and Lock Screen – you can use the styles provided, or add your own selections. That said, Microsoft’s new online tool called “Windows Phone App Studio” makes it possible for folks like me to create their very own apps for use on Windows Phone, including the Nokia Lumia line.

Microsoft today announced no.of things around development of apps on Windows Phone platform. To add icons for the menu items, click the edit button for each of them and click the default icon of each item and pick the image for the list item. We are going to create a Windows 8.1 application, click the Start new project button and make sure the Windows 8.1 tab is selected.

  • For those of you looking to jump in the app game, Windows Phone 8 is one place where you will still find opportunities to build an app that doesn’t have 5 other apps competing against it.
  • You can now create apps with multiple sections, pulling in information from Bing searches, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, RSS feeds, Nokia Music and HERE Maps.
  • If you include a Twitter feed, mock it up in App Studio so you can see the layout, then go in and change the data provider to Twitter in Visual Studio.

It’s one thing to come up with an original idea, but actually bringing it to life and making it look good is a whole ‘nother thing. Ok, I have to admit…I SUCK at designing an app. EVERYONE should attempt to make a basic app with this program just so you can appreciate all the effort and talent that goes into the apps we know and love. I’ve been using Channel 9 to learn C# and Windows Phone dev and this is an awesome way for a broke weekend developer like myself a chance to tinker on a device without having to fork out so much money. You can modify the generated code and change the look and feel of the XAP file in Blend or Visual Studio.

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A beta version of Windows Phone App Studio is now available, and it lets anyone create a Windows Phone app from the web without any knowledge of code. Essentially, it’s a set of templates that let developers quickly drag and drop text, content, 12 Tips When Designing for Fintech Companies and imagery into an web form to create an app. If you notice there are options for the native XAML/C# projects which is the top level templates that are available, and also at the bottom we can see a template to create a web app as well.

windows phone appstudio

Once again, the change is to help facilitate new developers or for those who cannot afford the advanced tools. The screen consists of Info Block which can be customized using HTML5 . There are some other blocks like “monuments”, “special Places”, “history” etc. You can also add some additional Blocks like “RSS”, “Html”, “YouTube”, “Flicker” and “Bing” to leverage individual services offerings for your App.

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You can also get images from OneDrive and App Studio Resources. Themes allows you to change Images and apply different Styles to your content. Here I will be changing the background and Images. The Portal as shown here gives you couple of options to know more about the Windows Phone Platform and guidelines for Application Development.

windows phone appstudio

Unfortunately, you can’t add a separate image to use on the Windows Start screen tile, which makes your app look out of context among the others. There will be more features for Windows apps, but the minimal ones, so far, are probably why there’s a Windows Preview button you have to tap each time. While developers may not get much out of this latest release, individuals now have a way to create personalized apps regardless of their skill set. Not a bad option for Windows Phone users who wish they had an app that doesn’t yet exist on their platform.

Both these tools have got windows phone developers excited because of their powerful but easy-to-use features. In this article we are going to discuss more about some new features things in the Windows Phone App Studio. With a successful login, we can see the list of templates to choose from which can be used for both Windows Phone and Windows store app development. These templates are for different category so based on the theme you can select the category and customize it accordingly. Microsoft wants Windows Phone developers and apps, and it’s launching a developer tool on Tuesday in its latest effort to secure apps for its ecosystem.

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We create a template application with Application Studio and then modify the Visual Studio project that was produced to add extra phone functionality. This is the first screencast about getting started with Windows Phone App Studio. It covers making and deploying your first application, and actually shows you to build something that is useful. The data sources can be of one of the available list of options which are allowed as of now with the App Studio and the list includes the below. ; our mission is to deliver new ideas, emerging concepts, and teach state-of-the-art technology to our readers.

The YouTube Videos will be added with the term “Dubai City”, so we will configure that as shown here. You can filter YouTube either with a User or Search Term as per your need. A quick reference guide to get you going with Angular development. Tell us about your new apps in the Comments below. If you’re happy with the result, it’s time to finish up. This is where you decide if you want your app to be available to others (the public – your future fans?), or if you want to keep it all to yourself.

You can find the “Feed Reader” application on the Windows Phone App Studio site here. You can find the “Robs Links” application on the Windows Phone App Studio sitehere.

Even better, you can speed up the whole process by getting started in App Studio and then opening your code in Visual Studio. Next step is click on Generate button at the top right and it will prompt and ask the selection of if you want to build the application for both the platforms or for single platform. Keep in mind you cant generate code for Windows 8 app, its like you can get both Windows Phone and Windows 8 app or only Windows Phone app separately as shown in the screen below. Once you done with the configuration of the content information, click on Theme which will navigate to the next step and dont forget to save the information for each of the section. Failing to do so, you will end up with loosing the content that is added in each of the section. In the themes option, you can see a list of available themes which you can select the Background, Foreground and Application bar colors based on your requirement as shown below.


For some reasons, it will time out even when there was activity, so make sure you save, save, save. The site says that it is “optimized for IE 10”, and I had lots of trouble using IE 11 on 8.1. Sometimes it simply will get stuck and you have to start all over. Also, you correctly say two at first, and then the last paragraph says three apps.

I spent some time playing with it, and made these screencasts which tell you a bit about the system. Shared code lets developers move more quickly, likely making Microsoft’s increasingly unified platforms more interesting. App Studio has been brought into line with the current Microsoft developer toolset in terms of code reuse. Final Step is the publish information which shows the complete information of the application and its content and also if there is any issue in the sections which you customized. With this you can rectify the issues and provide a proper information and get the application build for the final version. Now Microsoft has its own alternative, called App Studio, and I am going to show how to use it to create a mobile application for SitePoint.

You will then add a title, description, and a logo (this needs to be 160 X 160 in the .PNG format). You will then move on to “configure” the content in your app. This part is perhaps the trickiest, as it may look a little technical the first time you do it, but there are plenty of on-screen instructions to guide you. By whitelisting SlideShare on your ad-blocker, you are supporting our community of content creators. Of course, many won’t have that environment and has to go thru the pain of using the QR code to install their apps.

In this screencast I explore how to create HTML5 pages and how to use data sources to store information in an application. It includes some daring C# coding that I’m not sure whether I’m proud of or not. You can edit each of the section and input the data that is required to be shown in the application. To edit the content, click on edit option at the section level or if you want to add a section you can do so by clicking on add section as shown below.

There are an increasing amount of options for non-coders to create basic mobile apps. On SitePoint we have had an article covering 3 Options for Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding. For those of you looking to jump in the app game, Windows Phone 8 is one place where you will still find opportunities to build an app that doesn’t have 5 other apps competing against it. With the continued nose dive by BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8 is poised to continue to grow and is estimated to reach 11% marketshare by 2016.

If you created an app in the first version of App Studio, it’s worth going back and getting the source code again; the new release creates much cleaner, higher quality code using the MVVM pattern. What you get for building the Windows part of your app is very basic. So far, it’s just your Windows Phone app, scaled to fit on a larger screen.