4 Ways To Share Your Phone’s Screen During Video Call

If screen sharing is stopped, the front camera activates, going back to a regular video call. As you approve the prompt, it will stop your front-facing camera and start sharing the live screen feed with the person on the other side. At the bottom, tap More options Screen share Start now.

I used to harp on them or lack thereof back in the day, but now it feels kind of silly. After 10 years or so, I still rarely see customers use these features and my own wireless charger is starting to gather dust. I can’t imagine the camera hardware and software not improving in subsequent versions. What I don’t understand is if trying to make it rival what Apple and Samsung stuff into their machines makes sense. The physical size of the device and form factor seem to preclude that happening; a camera bump seems to be a bad idea for the Surface Duo. Still there does seem to be a path forward here, we only need look at what Google has been able to pull off with the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a.

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The feature, as the folks at Android Police reported, has started showing up for Android users with a server-side change and is working pretty seamlessly at the moment. First, open the Google Duo app on your Android device and then select the person you want to video call. Once you turn on ‘Screen share’ on your end, the person on the other end sees a blue screen before the session commences. If you stay in the Google Duo app, there will again be another inception-like scenario. So, you better exit Duo and focus on the right content. When you turn on ‘Screen share’ by going into the overflow menu, you could experience a little lag before the confirmation pops up and the session commences.

  • However, transferring files, hosting or scheduling a video meeting is not on the list of options this screen sharing application offers.
  • However you can make use of ‘Google Duo’ for similar functionality, plus the Google Nest Hub Max allows you to watch its video feed.
  • Did you try to click “Home” and then the earlier lesson?

You’ll still be able to see and hear the other person until either they hang up or you close the chat. You can close the chat by switching to another Snapchat screen, switching apps, or closing Snapchat. You can switch between your front and rear cameras at any time during the chat. Tap your video to make it full screen, then tap the camera switch button in the upper-right corner. Press and hold the Phone button to leave an audio message.

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You need iOS 13 or later to use the voice control feature. You can also send and receive text messages through Google Voice using Wi-Fi or cellular data, but there are certain restrictions. You can also use Google Voice on a computer to place and receive calls. But before you can use any of Google Voice’s features, you’ll need to have a Google account first. You’ll also need to have an existing U.S.-based mobile or landline phone number. Google Voice is a free internet telephone service that allows you to combine all your cellular services, and forward calls to several devices at a time.

I help motivated business owners get more clients without being “salesy” through a mix of done-for-you services and 1-1 coaching. I give overworked business owners all the tools and support they need to get more clients, stand out in the crowd, and make the world a better place. Additionally, Google is now offering more affordable plans for its cloud-based productivity and collaboration suite for small businesses depending on their requirements and scale. The fresh Google Workspace tiers now include Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Google Duo Plus, and Enterprise. Google says that the Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus plans are only available for companies that have less than 300 users.

In testing, Cube ACR recorded phone calls on an Android 9 device and an Android 12 device by using the accessibility service. The app didn’t mention the Google Play accessibility service restrictions. But as with the other call recording apps, a future version might bump into trouble trying to record calls due to Google’s policy changes. If you do have the Call Recording option, tap the Record button the next time you are on a call that you wish to record.